The UnX Personal Health Portfolio (PHP) is the answer to both complex and fragmented health care.  All patients, but especially those patients on a diagnostic odyssey, know the frustration of not having a record of their own health history.  We rely on and trust doctors, nurses and healthcare systems to have an accurate account of our medical record.  And while we certainly appreciate and value them and those efforts, we also know that it is not always accurate, that notes are not always recorded, that important anecdotes are not always captured, that symptoms go undocumented, that questions and concerns are not always identified and so on.

We also know that when patients with unexplained symptoms or conditions must see many doctors and specialists and have tests runs across different healthcare systems, in different parts of the country, that the care is not only fragmented, but so are the records.

Patients with complex conditions who try to account for and record their history usually end up with binders full of information that no doctor ever spends time understanding because there is not enough time.

The UnX PHP is one place where a patient can curate and maintain an account of their own medical history and share it electronically, in real-time, with their physicians and specialists.  Even better, patients can share their portfolio with a doctor prior to a visit so that the time during the visit is more meaningful and more productive.

The PHP will allow patients to capture the results of the patient screening tool, create a medical record, update records, identify symptoms, track treatment plan progress, and upload relevant documents.  The purpose of the PHP is to have an ongoing subjective record for the patient to own and control while helping to solve the problem of fragmented healthcare and data accuracy.  The patient portfolio has a privacy and security component that protects personal data so patients can feel comfortable recording their information.

Create your PHP and start owning your history