What is UnX

UnX is a team inspired to be part of a change. A change in the way healthcare is practiced and delivered, utilizing advances and accessibility in technology. It is now known that genetics will play a greater role in healthcare, and for the complex conditions, should always be a consideration. In order for this to happen, UnX introduces solutions that will change old behavior and old habits of both the patient and the physician. We believe with the right information and the right tools patients, physicians, and the public can predetermine the possibilities of genetic disorders.


The Mission of UnX is to create, distribute and make accessible for the public, patients, and clinicians online genetic screening tools. The UnX tools have been designed to empower individuals who have undiagnosed or unexplained conditions, and, enable physicians that encounter patients with complex symptoms, to recognize the possibilities of genetic disorders.


In 2015, Biochemical Geneticists from UPMC at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh (CHP) and Tufts Medical Center in Boston, in cooperation with the CHP Foundation, founded the Genetic Metabolic Center for Education (GMCE). With grants and private investment, GMCE developed educational courses known as Met101, which were accredited by Nemours, and had over one-thousand physicians earn CME credits. The purpose of these courses was to provide information to physicians to help them understand genetic metabolic disorders.

Born from GMCE, UnX was created specifically and solely to develop for patients and physicians online software solutions for assisting in the diagnosis of genetic conditions. UnX is now working in collaboration with experienced genetic specialists from the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, the British Columbia Children’s Hospital, and the Children’s Hospital of Colorado. Their experience and knowledge as the designers of Met101 and Treatable_id (an interactive diagnostic tool for clinicians), has been utilized to create the first generation of the UnX screening tools.

Working Group

  • Joe Ogrodnik – Chief Executive Officer
  • Ryan Ogrodnik – Executive Director
  • Denny Russell – Systems Designer and Manager

Medical Team

  • Dr. Patrick Long – UnX Lead Geneticist, Metabolic Fellow Children’s Hospital of Colorado
  • Dr. Sylvia Stockler – UnX Principal Investigator, British Columbia Children’s Hospital

Medical Advisory Group

  • Dr. Gerard Vockley – Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
  • Dr. Sylvia Stockler – British Columbia Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Austin Larson – Children’s Hospital of Colorado
  • Dr. Georgine DeMarino – Allegheny Health Network
  • Dr. Joseph Aracri – Allegheny Health Network