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The problem: Serious
conditions aren’t being
properly diagnosed.

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Genetic Disease

There are over 7,000 known genetic disorders. A genetic disease is often, but not always, inherited. It comes from a change in a DNA sequence away from the normal sequence. This change can come from gene mutations passed down from parents and inherited at birth or the change can come from damage caused by environmental factors during a person’s life.

Screening Tools

The solutions designed by UnX have been developed, reviewed and validated by geneticists at Children’s Hospital of Colorado, British Columbia Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

The aim is to help the patient and physician identify if a patient is a candidate for genetic testing based on their history and presentation of unexplainable symptoms or conditions. UnX screening tools were developed with the idea of pre-qualifying patients for genetic testing that will place them on a defined pathway to a diagnosis, in an effort to reduce the patient wait time to see a geneticist and reduce a patient’s diagnostic journey.

Patient Screening Tool:
Xtreme relief.

The UnX screening tools are about providing relief. For you, your family, and your doctor. Knowing is better than not knowing. Ending the diagnostic journey is better than going around in circles.

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Physician Screening Tool:
Xtraordinary minds.

The first phase of screening tools, focused on determining whether a patient is a candidate forgenetic testing.

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Genetic Testing

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