Genetic conditions can manifest themselves at any time, at birth, in the first few years of life, or much later, and can be inherited or the result of environmental factors.  Most are highly complex and difficult to recognize and are often disguised and diagnosed as more common disorders.

Patients and parents are sent on what could be a five to fifteen-year diagnostic odyssey of frustration, anxiety, confusion, and misdiagnosis, before a proper diagnosis is determined.  Countless physician and specialist visits, follow ups, and continuous tests, often come back inconclusive, and can even lead to unnecessary medical procedures.  The time lost and the incredible costs to patients and their families who are trying to manage possible life-threatening conditions, has reached a point of crisis.

The UnX screening tools, which have been verified by both geneticists and physicians and  supported by real patient data, are designed specifically to help empower the undiagnosed patient to better understand the possibilities of a genetic condition, and, to enable a physician to have a resource for qualifying patients for genetic testing.  The information provides the general public options to discuss with their physician and provide physicians of all disciplines greater accuracy in recognizing genetic disease, thereby reducing the time it takes for a patient to be diagnosed and providing a proper pathway to treatment.